In the United Nations, law enforcement officers have enforced some general and special provisions on the use of force and firearms. A threat to the enforcement official is a threat to the stability of the whole society. They have a duty of social service from all sectors of the domains. In order to save and nurture the life of the public, they need to take several provisions as a precautionary method. Considering the fact, Law enforcement has a very crucial role in the protection of the right to life, liberty and security of the person. There is certain limited permission to take forceful actions on the prisoners in course of their duties.

Here are the 10 provisions undertaken by the Law Enforcement:

1. First provision

Law enforcement agencies have the power to adopt and implement rules and regulations on the use of force and firearms. Law enforcement agencies and government officials need to maintain ethical issues while developing rules and regulations. They need to review firearms constantly.

2. Second Provision

Authorities should equip law enforcement officials with various arms and ammunition. They should also have non-lethal weapons to tackle any kind of situation. They should inculcate self-defence weapons like shields, bulletproof vests and transports, helmets. Such defensive tools control lower the use of firearms.

3. Third provision

They must follow the development and deployment process very carefully. So as to avoid facing any future indulgence or negligence because of the internal person’s involvement.

4. Forth provision

Law enforcement officials need to apply for non-violent agreement before making use of firearms and ammunition.

5. Fifth provision

For any unlucky incident, Law officials must :

  • Inform the relative or close friends of the injured person as soon as possible.
  • Use all precautionary methods to minimize damage and injury. In order to control use of firearms and preserve life.
  • Restrict the use of firearms depending upon the seriousness of the situation.
  • Ensure the medical aid for all who are affected as soon as possible.
6. Sixth provision

If some injury or death, the incident happened as an accident during the use of force and firearm. Then the officials need to report to their supporters immediately.

7. Seventh provision

Government has the power to punish as a criminal offence on the law enforcement officials if they use their power abusively.

8. Eight provision

Political instability and public emergency conditions can never manipulate the rules and regulations enforced by the law system. 

9. Ninth provision

Law officials must not use firearms and their force against any person. But there are some exceptions where it is compulsory to take action against the person who is performing serious crimes. In such situations, officials need to take action with respect to their self-defence and arrest the person somehow.  

10. Tenth provision

Officials need to provide a clear stand against the use of firearms in critical situations. Also, they need to state which type of firearm was used, how many people, also what was the exact situation, and for how much time the firearm was used.


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