1. Browning Lever Action Rifle 

It is also called BLR. Do you want a modern cartridge?  BLR is a modern action gun as it has a detachable box magazine. The box magazine can consist of four pointed bullets. Such is not possible with a tubular magazine. It comes with full fledged features. It has a rack and pinion lever, thus it is extremely smooth. For a nice look and lightweight, it has an aluminium alloy receiver. It also has a hammer with a fold down for extra safety. The rifle has a bolt that locks up into a barrel extension.

Where the size of the rifle is an issue, you have a takedown model for this rifle. Just pull it and it turns into half size.

2. Henry Side Gate Lever Action Rifle

It is the very first rifle that has a side loading gate feature. It uses 3855 cartridges. Such cartridges are very good for cowboy action shooters. This cartridge is very well rounded and introduced in 1876. To make this rifle’s side gate receiver, Henry made it as strong as steel as it is made up of brass. It supports a 20-inch blue barrel. The rifle holds five rounds and one in a chamber. This rifle has buckhorn sights to watch the target through it. It also has ivory beads instead of brass in the front notch of the rifle. But the butt plate of the rifle is of brass one. Also has a brass barrel strap. The Henry Side Gate Lever Action has beautiful American walnut wood and has tight laser checkering on the forearm of the stock and also on the rear. It also has a second magazine, thus it is one of the safest Side Gate Lever Action Rifles. 

3. Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Short Rifle

It was first created in 1866.  Winchester used old Henry and improvised it by adding a loading gate. Now the shooter can run rounds up into the tubular magazine. Your fingers won’t get burned while handling the barrel of this rifle. It is a repeating rifle that doesn’t require muzzle loading, no more single shots. And it has a brass receiver ie. yellow in colour. It is well chambered for something that’s ebay to set and easy to fire the 38 special. Sometimes this rifle can be used for hunting purposes. You would get much greater ballistics than you would with a handgun. This ammunition is inexpensive and a well-balanced rifle.

4. Marlin Dark Model 336 

The model we have is a 16.25” barrel with a threaded muzzle. It is Parkerized with a black finish. At the butt end, it has black webbed Hardwood Stock. It has an XS Lever rail with ghost-ring sight. Also has chambered in 30-30 WIN and includes a Paracord sling. The trigger hold includes a big loop lever with Paracord wrap so as to comfort your fingers. It is shiny and pitches black in colour. Marlin Model 336 Dark suffers because of its shooting accuracy.  It happens largely due to mediocre triggers. 


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