Are you planning to buy a firearm or a simple handgun? If yes, then it’s all your responsibility to handle it safely. As you know any type of firearm, whether it is in small size or large, both have the same threat. Firearms have the tremendous potential for destruction. You should be serious while handling such arms. It should be handled by the trainers only. 

Non trained people like youngsters, children and old people should be away from such firearms. If you are carrying a firearm, always keep such firearms away from unknown targets. Rather than placing it somewhere in the open area of your home. Place such a firearm in your safety locker. Are you unsure about the safe storage place for your firearm in your home? Then you may request your firearm trainer to have a storage place for it. 

This guide is for the readers who are beginners as firearm handlers and enthusiastic ones. This guide shares about how to practice good gun safety. Also get to know how you should handle, own, shoot, and carry a firearm. 

Thus, these 4 basic principles help to tremendously lower future unwanted accidents.

Here are the basic and common-sense rules for firearm safety :

1. Assume your guns are always loaded 

The first rule is to treat your firearm as if it is loaded already. Whenever you handle the gun, you should follow this first rule. Accepting and following this rule strictly will ensure the potential threat and harm in the surrounding area. Have this knowledge of potential destruction while handling any firearm. It is your responsibility if someone gets killed or some unnecessary circumstances happen. So you need to conduct yourself accordingly. 

Also before giving your gun to a firearm cleaning authority you should ensure that it should be safe. In order to make your gun safe to handle by others for cleaning purposes, you need to unload the bullets. Make sure no one touches the trigger before you unload it.

2. Don’t aim at anything which is not your target 

This is the second rule, it states that your gun should be aimed in a safe direction. Assuming if unfortunately, you touched the trigger then it will get shot in a direction where no one would get hurt. So the purpose of this rule is to have precautionary steps even if the trigger gets pulled off.

Pointing the gun in a safe direction means you should not point it at any living creatures unless needed. If there’s a threat to any animal then it’s ok to aim at the animal.

3. Set aside your fingers from the trigger 

This is the third rule, it states that you need to control your firearm. Don’t press the trigger unless you are ready to aim at the target. Don’t even touch the trigger. If mistakenly touched it will shoot off anywhere. So practice this rule to ensure your surroundings as well as your safety.

4. Look at what is surrounding your target from the front and back

This is the fourth rule, which states that whenever you aim at your target you should always be aware of the surroundings. Check if there are any other living creatures in front and behind your target.


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